Sanganoyu Hotel is located at Hirayu onsen-go which is famous for the local medieval warlord Shingen Takeda.This area is also an entrance of the Okuhida area. The hotel proudly offers eight different private open air bath facilities supplied with water directly from a fountainhead on the site without any control.

Ymano Hotel is located in the shin hodaka onsen area,having one of the largest open air bath facilities in the region. There are mountain climbing bases for the Northern Alps in this area which was set in a Japanese novel gIce@Wallh(Hyou heki)@by Yasushi lnoue.

sangetu is a Japanese ryokan style accommodation,which is very is popular for its tranquil surroundings and Kaiseki cuisines.

Ymano Iori Hotel is located at Hida Takayama which attracts many visitors from overseas for its ancient townscape. With the best access to transportation,the hotel provides excellent Hida beef dishes.